This is me

Hello there and welcome to my about page.

What does one write here?! About myself? Well I am a 30 something mother of one bio daughter and three bonus kids.  I love each and every single one of them for their own unique reasons.  I work full time to pay the bills.  I play on Swagbucks for my coffee money, gift shopping, and whatever else I feel fit.  I am going to school to get a degree, in what? Doesn’t matter because its not going to be in what I wanted it to be, but instead a piece of paper so I can potentially move up within my department. I enjoy planning, like I am a SUPER planner and pay attention to details, the Virgo in me. Love being outside and creating memories for my family. Anything DIY or crafty is right up my alley!

Some Randoms to wrap me up:

  1. Pinterest is my addiction.
  2. Photography is a hobby.
  3. being a mother is by far my greatest most enjoyable job I have ever had!
  4. Music is my drug of choice
  5. Chocolate is my kryptonite.
  6. being the best me is what I strive for every day.
  7. Currently obsessed with getting my cleaning products through Grove.  Clicking that link gets you FIVE free products when you spend $20!
  8. I love wildflowers and sunflowers but star gazing lilies are my absolute favorite thing!

This blog was started as a journal in a sense.  Back in 2012 when I first found out I was pregnant I took a page out of a coworkers book to document the pregnancy for my family in England and has been threw soo many other adventures. Now it is my random thoughts as they come to me.  Some cold hard truths and complete nonsense other times.

Thank you for visiting and enjoy!